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iMobile’s Mass Communication Platform enables the instant delivery of information to mobile/cell phones, email addresses and web pages with ease.

The iMobile Platform combines the power of delivering text messages, long text messages(1000 characters) and multi-media messages to mobile/cell phones within a single Web Portal interface eliminating the need to purchase and implement multiple applications for achieving the same result.

The iMobile Platform enables mobile marketing campaigns, mobile phone emergency alerts, mobile phone non-emergency messages and more…

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Email: support@imobileinteractive.com

Restaurants & Service Industry:

-Deliver specials

-Deliver coupons & discounts

-Entertainment announcements

-Opening/closing announcements

-Deliver party pictures, videos, music

-Run giveaways and contests

-Deliver any other content to cell phones

City, State & Federal Government:

-Storm & weather alerts

-Amber alerts, silver alerts

-Traffic and accident alerts

-Deliver public awareness messages

-Deliver public safety messages

-Voting & polling

-Deliver any other content to cell phones

Corporations & Organizations:

-Inclement weather alerts

-Delayed opening & early closing alerts

-Emergency meeting planning

-Last minute meeting cancellations

-Emergency alerts

-Maintenance & general announcements

-Deliver any other content to cell phones

Schools & Universities:

-Class cancellations

-Emergency alerts

-Event notifications

-Deliver campus news

-Deliver sports scores

-Voting, polling & contests

-Deliver any other content to cell phones

Celebrities, Agencies & Brands:

-Capitalize on Facebook & other fan clubs

-Earn revenue by delivering premium content

-Free & fast integration with Facebook & other sites

-Deliver pictures, ringtones, videos, music...etc

-Deliver exclusive & promotional content

-Run voting, polling, contests & giveaways

-Deliver any other content to cell phones

Media, News, Sports & Entertainment:

-Deliver breaking news & other alerts

-Earn revenue by delivering premium content

-Deliver sports score, discounts, coupons

-Deliver ads & promotional content

-Fundraising via cell for disasters & charities

-Run voting, polling, contests & giveaways

-Deliver any other content to cell phones

Charity & Campaign Donations:

-Free and instant integration with any site

-Turn key solution

-No network fees to pay

-Secure credit card processing

-Complete accounting report

-Fast transfer of funds

-Deliver reward/gift content to cell phones

Apartments, Condos & Townhouses:

-General announcements

-Community event announcements

-Rent due reminders

-Maintenance and other alerts

-Alerts regarding clubhouse, pool, gym & facilities

-Parking alerts

-Garbage & recycle pickup alerts

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